Starting from the customer’s product concept, idea or drawing, our the staff provides you with the knowledge and technologies necessary to obtain the exact geometry of the polycarbonate sheet. Later are precisely calculated the expansion coefficients of the material to obtain the cavity insert of the thermoforming mold.

The thermoformed sheet will then be sheared with precision along the perimeter, obtaining also the loopholes necessary after to insert the sheet into the injection mold.

In order to have a final product that meets all the required specifications, CLM knows how important is that the design, construction and manufacture of molds for shearing are carried out in a workmanlike. Otherwise even small errors in this phase would be amplified by the injection mold.

Design, construction and manufacture of high quality moulds

From thermoforming shapes to the “step-shearing moulds” for plane components in polycarbonate, CLM takes care the construction of the molds in the best convergence between precision and efficiency in the production process.

For special applications, such as instrument panels in the automotive industry, all polycarbonate sheets are silk screened.

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