Often, the customer needs to produce its products starting from a drawing or design already available: CLM is able to build special machines or to perform special machining basing on the customer’s design and also to develop the design inside the company and then start with the production.

CLM can work on the specific needs of customer, as well as to assist him with high professional staff suggesting the best solutions through all the steps of the project.

Oriented to the customization, CLM srl can guarantee the production of spare parts for machines, equipments and molds without time limits, even after years of their realization.

CLM srl performs the maintenance on all of the machines and molds built in the company and, thanks to its experience, it is able to provide a technical support on molds made by third companies, as well as assistance on special machines.

Please contact us to submit your projects, ideas or requests, the staff of CLM will glad and enthusiastic to develop and to carry them out for you.

Why company clm is the right choice

  • MACHING UPON CUSTOMER’S DRAWING: Machining and Manufacture upon graphic design of the customer.
  • CONTINUOUS ASSISTANCE: Support on all supplied products and availability of professional staff for technical assistance
  • ALWAYS AVAILABLE SPARE PARTS: Spare Parts of molds and equipments are always available, even after years.